Decoding IC 74LS47 7 segment LED

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

One of the most popular electronic IC number. There are many different symbols depending on the firm and ability to meet such as 74HC47, 74HCT47, 74LS47, . This is a sign dedicated decoder IC for LED 7-segment common anode. Application when it needs to display the number on the LED 7-in digital circuit without using the processor or want to save the

Decoding IC 74LS47 7 segment LED
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foot. `` - Map of principle: As the diagram above, in which A, B, C, D (Connect with the processor, pulse the counter, . ), BI / RBO, RBI, LT (7447 foot control, depending on different needs will be connected), Chan QA, QB, QC, QD, QE, QF, QG, respectively connected to pin a, b, c, d, e, f, g of common anode 7-segment LED. PORT A, B, C, D: input of 7447, receiving the binary value (BCD) from 0 to 15, corresponding to each value received will decode the output Q, respectively. QA-QG PORT: Connect directly to LED 7 = a bar with QA, QB = b, c = QC, QD = d, e = QE, QF = f, QG = g, the value displayed on the LED 7-dependent the input value Porta, B, C, D in the following table; BI / RBO, RBI, LT: 7447 Chan`s control, to understand you need to read and understand the following logic table (IC 7447 To enable the connection works just BI / RBO = LT = 1):

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