Design on the basis of AT89C2051 intelligent automobile anticollision alarm equipment

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

With the quickening of the modern rhythm of life, the frequency happening in traffic accident is increasing too, in order to improve the safety that the car runs, this text introduces the mechanically controlled car anticollision alarm system of a one piece. This device combines real time control and data processing function of the one-chip comput

Design on the basis of AT89C2051 intelligent automobile anticollision alarm equipment
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er with ultrasonic range finding technology, sensor technique, can measure the car in distance and car speed between rear obstacle and car while running, reveal the distance through the digital display device, and is given out the warnings according to the distance situation by the voicing circuit. The principle of ultrasonic range finding is, launch, meet the obstacle reflected back wave through measuring supersonic wave constantly, thus measure and launch supersonic wave and receive the time difference T of the back wave, then find the distance S =C * T/2, among them, C is the ultrasonic wave speed, it is 344m/s to fetch at room temperature. After the velocity of sound is confirmed, so long as measure supersonic wave for round time, can try to get the distance. The measurement of the car speed is realized by Hall`s integrated sensor. Namely, link the input shaft equipped with rotary table of the permanent magnnet with the axis of rotation of the wheel, when the wheel rotates, the rotary table is thereupon turning, at this moment, the permanent magnnet on the rotary table will pass Hall`s integrated sensor, thus get a magnetic signal in the input end of Hall`s integrated sensor, rotate if rotary table ceaselessly, Hall integrated sensor can output rotational speed signal. We can say, the measurement of the car speed is actually the measurement of the frequency to the rotational speed signal. AT89C2051 is a low power...

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