Designing your own gear

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Fly back transformers are commonly found in television sets and can put out 50, 000 volts, enough power to lift a 350 pound man up and throw him back 10-20 feet killing him instantly. Also the component`s are picky sometimes and reversing the polarity (positive in the negative and negative in the positive can break the component) a capacitor with reversed polarity can

Designing your own gear
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smoke, catch fire and explode. same is true if you add too much electricty to it. 6) INCASE OF FIRE: get a fire extinguisher that is accepted for a electrical fire. if your new. your more likely to set something on fire. DO NOT USE WATER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! NO WHISKEY AND CAPTAIN MORGAN WILL ONLY MAKE THE FLAMES RISE HIGHER! 7) FLAMABLES: paper, flamable liquids and stuff should be stored in a metal chest so that incase of fire, it`s away from the burning flames, unless your trying to burn your mad scientist lab on fire. or the house or the class room. 8) ASK QUESTIONS: why if you don`t know something it`s perfectly ok to ask questions, it`s how you learn. you can also learn by actually burning things and starting fires but asking questions is safer. 10) COOKING: why, well you need to eat while you work, and need to know how to make hot pockets, it`s something you can make with one hand and not risk killing yourself. no need to you know hold a fork or anything that conducts electricity. and I`ve not tested the electric properties of melted cheese. 12) COLOR CORDINATE YOUR WIRES: why, so you don`t forget later on wich wires are live and dangerous vrs the ones on ground wich won`t hurt you. RED is for wires that have positive electricty, or hot wires. BLACK is for wires that are cold or negatively charged. alternately you can use other colors to show WHAT HOT WIRES go to other circuits, and WHAT COLD WIRES go to other...

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