Digital Circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This tutorial explores a common digital concept using the NI Multisim software environment. It examines a four-bit counter that uses a 555 timer IC to generate the clock signal. This tutorial takes less than 30 minutes to complete and consists of 37 steps to show you how to capture and simulate in Multisim. Multisim is an intuitive schematic captu

Digital Circuits
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re and SPICE simulation environment for circuit teaching. With specific features designed for the educator to foster learning and guide student exploration of circuit concepts, you can offer your students an interactive environment to visualize circuit behavior with powerful simulation and analysis while abstracting the complexity of SPICE syntax. The component browser organizes the database components into three logical levels. The Master Database contains all shipping components in a read-only format. The Corporate Database is where to save custom components to be shared with colleagues (via a network collection and so on). Finally, the User Database is where custom components are saved that can be used only by the specific designer. The components (or parts) are organized into Groups and Families to intuitively and logically group common parts together and make searching easier and more effective. To invoke simulation, you need a power source and a ground somewhere in your circuit to correctly reference voltages and currents in your circuit simulation. If you need multiple components, you can repeat the placement steps as shown or place one component and use copy and paste to place additional components as needed. By default, the component selection box keeps returning as a pop-up until you have completed placing your components. Close the window to return to the schematic entry window (Close button)....

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