Digital Decade Counter Schematic

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Decade counter circuit is a electronic circuit to perform a sequence of numerical calculations either forward or backward calculation. What is meant by forward calculation is where the circuit will count ranging from small numbers to larger numbers. While the countdown to the contrary. Calculations can reach an unlimited number of circuit

Digital Decade Counter Schematic
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s or design depending on the demands. A lot of the usability of this counter circuit in the world of digital electronics. It could even be said to be an integral digital electronics with a series of counters. Almost all digital circuits require a series of counters. That`s because to implement the functions of numerical or mathematical operations must use the functions of the counter circuit. For the decade counter circuit above is the use of the family of CMOS IC. Where for all types of CMOS IC can use a maximum supply voltage of 15 volts, whereas TTL only have a maximum supply voltage of 5 volts. Then, using 74ls48-74ls90 as the decade counter IC you no longer need to use as an interface to the decoder IC 7-segment. Because the output generated by the 74ls48-74ls90has been adapted to the conditions and functions of the seven segment. Deliberate use of the above series of ignition Schmitt Trigger gate as a damper mechanical switch bounce of the beat. You may not use the gate Schmitt trigger input and switch directly connects to the clock pin IC 4026. Counter circuit you will keep running, but you will find a hopping chopped or shredded irregular.

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