Digital Sample And Hold

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

If you need to hold an analog signal for infinite period then this digital sample and hold circuit is the solution. This circuit uses a Exar XR-2240 programmable timer/counter as main component. The Exar XR-2240 is triggered when strobe input is applied. The Exar XR-2240 start count when the timer is triggered and output of bistable latch is set t

Digital Sample And Hold
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o high state. Staircase voltage is generate by this circuit at opamp output. This circuit need supply of 4-15V. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: If the level of analog input that will be be sampled is reached by the stair-case voltage, the Exar XR-2240 stop count because comparator changes state and bistable latch is activated. Then Opamp output voltage level corresponds to sampled analog input. Until next strobe signal, the sample is held by this circuit. This circuit has Minimum recycle time of 6ms. Sample and hold circuit is used to pick a signal and hold the level at its output, making it useful for analog digital conversion or other application where the processing need a constant level signal for the input. The circuit Continue reading †’. This is a simple sample and hold with offset adjustment circuit. Sample and hold circuit is used to operate on analog information in a time frame which is expedient. This circuit works by sampling a segment of the information and Continue reading †’. This is a LM412 sample and hold circuit. This circuit uses discrete components. This circuit also uses MPF102 JFET transistor and LM412 dual op-amps. The source is prevented to charge the capacitor by the MPF102. The LM412 is used because Continue reading †’. This is a circuit of low drift sample and hold. This circuit uses two JFET, Q1 and Q2 that provides the sample and hold capacitor, C1. Q1 provides a path, Rds(on), for...

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