Digital Sound Recorder With Avr And Dataflash

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

One of ZiLOG`s most popular Z8 One Time Programmables (OTPs), the Z86E02 features a 512-byte EPROM 61 bytes of RAM, 14 I/Os, Watch-Dog Timer Power- On-Reset, a Low-Voltage Protection circuit and one additional Timer Special fea- tures on the Z86E02 include an RC Oscillator option, Register architecture, and two Analog Comparators All these feature

Digital Sound Recorder With Avr And Dataflash
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

s make the Z86E02 suitable for many types of applications, including dimmer switches. There seems to be a consumer trend in overhead lighting systems toward dim- mer-controlled wall switches. Simple on/off switches are almost a thing of the past. Dimmers, however, must use an electrical two-pole design, as opposed to the standard electrical four-pole power phase control. This application note describes the basic implementation of an intelligent and cost-effective dimmer using ZiLOG Z86E02.

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