Digital Voltmeter of your Own

How to build a voltmeter for DC voltage measurements without using multimeter testing This is a simple digital voltmeter circuit that can measure voltages from 0V to 9V. The main part of this circuit is a dot bar display driver IC LM3914. Input voltage applied to this IC generates an output which is converted into a binary value by the priority en

coder IC 74147. It is then displayed on the seven segment display by the help of a common anode seven segment display driver IC 7447. However the voltmeter accuracy of this digital voltmeter schematic is limited to a sensitivity of 1V. IC LM 3914 is a bar dot display driver which has 10 output pins (1 to 10). This IC has 10 comparators with a reference voltage each (1/10 to 10/10 of reference voltage)

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