Direct infrared remote control switch circuit diagram composed of LS-2

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

LS-2 remote control switch infrared sensor module is basically the same with the LS-18, in addition, it isused as a reflector. LS-2 Pin diagram form LS-2 internal block diagram Electrical parameters LS-2 remote control switch module operating voltage is 4 ~ 6V (DC), typical value is 5V; Operating current is 2 ~ 4mA; Control output terminal (L1, L2) output voltage is4 ~ 6V;

Direct infrared remote control switch circuit diagram composed of LS-2
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Input, output current is 50mA, reflection part of the power consumption is less than 1. 5mA; Ip-p reflex drive capability is greater than 50mA; When it is used as a reflection, the reflection distance is 4 ~ 100cm, corresponding external current limiting resistor is 510 © ~ lk ©; When it is used as the direct infrared remote control switch, the maximum remote control distance is up to 8m. Here is the basic application circuit of LS-2. This circuit remote control distanceis up to 5 ~ 8m

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