Distance measurement system using PING Ultrasonic Range Finder

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A PING Ultrasonic Range Finder to build up a system which is capable of detect and measure the distance (in mm unit) of the closest object in front of the sensor. It is like a digital measuring tape where you point the sensor to an object, press the read button and the LCD will display the distance of the object in millimeter unit. The PING) ultrasonic range finder is an easy to used sensor from Parallax.

Distance measurement system using PING Ultrasonic Range Finder
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It can nicely detect the object in front with the distance from 2cm to 3m. The PING) sensor works by transmitting an ultrasonic burst and providing an output pulse that corresponds to the time required for the burst echo to return to the sensor. By measuring the echo pulse width, the distance to target can easily be calculated. The circuit for the system is quite simple. I am using PIC16F876A as the main controller. As usual, to operate the whole system, you need the power part which consist of on/off switch, power regulator, diode for wrong polarity protection and some capacitors. You also need the basic components to support the operation of microcontroller like the crystal to generate clock, an active low push button for the master reset, programming port and some capacitors. For this project, I need to have a push button to input start read command and a LCD to display the output which is the distance value. The connection for the Ping Ultrasonic sensor is also simple, the ground pin connect to the common ground of the circuit, the 5v connect to the circuit`s vdd and at last the signal pin connect to one of the I/O pin of the microcontroller.

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