; Distribution Amplifier

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Although a distribution amplifier may accept different input channels and output those to particular outputs. The term is meant to describe something that outputs the same signal to some number of outputs,based on one input. The outputs are identical, and the signals all appear or transition at the same time. A similar approached is used with some IC functions, an example would

; Distribution Amplifier
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be a 1-to-10 Clock Buffer, used for clock distribution. Many other logic functions exist to provide minimum signal skew between outputs and eliminate the fanout problem of driving multiple outputs. IC Decoders are another form of signal distribution. Semiconductor Analog Switches are also used to distribute, or fan out signals to more than one location. As a piece of equipment, a distribution amplifier could come in many forms. The distribution amplifier might be designed to fan-out audio signals, video signals or digital signals, and in each case being a completely different design. At the circuit level the amplifiers, or drivers, could be 50 ohm or 75 ohms and might be called lines drivers or cable drivers. At the circuit level the distribution amplifier would take on the form of the clock buffer example but would use ICs of what ever type would have the correct interface level. For example TTL ICs for digital logic signals or operational amplifiers for analog signals. The circuit fragment above is meant to represent a distribution amplifier used in the audio range. The capacitor values have been selected to have an effect in the audio frequency range, but they could be altered to change the frequency range. The operational amplifier used in the circuit is a TL084 which has a unity gain bandwidth of 3Mhz. The TL084 was selected because it`s a quad package and carries all four of the required operational amplifiers....

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