Door Lock on Go

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

To produce a modification that provides automated locking of the Scorpios central locking system upon a preset speed threshold. This provides increased security and safety. Various methods are available to calculate the velocity of an object; here we only need concern ourselves with Speed (i. e. no direction or sign of direction is required). An el

Door Lock on Go
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ectrical generator usually referred to as a tacho  or tachometer is one possibility; these devices provide voltage dependant on speed of a rotating shaft. A second method is to count pulses produced in a revolution of a rotating shaft and the technology to do this can consist of either a switch, optical or inductive methods, or monitoring a toothed wheel connected to the shaft where the wheel may have one or more teeth depending on the required revolution in one rotation of the shaft. Thirdly a similar, but usually more accurate method is to use an encoder; this is an optical device that can either return absolute position or pulses per degree of movement. (For direction out of phase signals are required). In common with most cars today, the Ford Scorpio 95+, has a Vehicle Speed Sensor or VSS built into its Gearbox. The VSS works on the pulse counting method and the signal is used for the Speedometer, Climate Control, Radio AVC, Cruise Control etc. (Interestingly some new car designs actually use one of the ABS sensors as the VSS. ) The VSS provides a 2. 2HZ per MPH square wave pulse (around 2 pulses per second for every MPH of motion). This gives a resolution of 0. 5MPH. (But due to other factors, the Scorpios Speedometer will not be this accurate - the Speedometer exhibits some non linear characteristics). Some extra features are provided, including two selectable Speed Alarms and Re-locking after the doors open and the...

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