ECE Logic Circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Magnitude Comparator is a type of device which compares the two 4 bit binary inputs and determines the output which are the greater than, the equal, and the less than. This device states A>B, A=B, and A

ECE Logic Circuit
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using the /XOR/ gates, and LED indicators. Before assembling the circuit we need to know where the IC should be connected, therefore we first need to create the truth table and create a circuit diagram based on the results of the truth table. After completing the first and second process we need to determine the logic gates diagram of the IC being used in the circuit, and then we simply assemble the circuit by implementing the output based on the circuit diagram and connect the wires to their designated input and output points of every element in the circuit. A Seven Segment Display (SSD) is a form of electronic display device for displaying decimal numerals. This is widely used in digital clocks, electronic meters, and other electronic devices. In this activity, we will show how we were able to display decimal numerals (0-9) using binary coded decimal via the SSD. Before proceeding on, be sure to have an idea how an SSD work and mostimportantlyits pin configuration. Below is an image showing the pin configuration of the SSD. SSD has two types of common. The Cathode and the Anode. The cathode is a common ground while an anode is a common vcc. As for this experiment, we used a cathode, because its common is ground and all our inputs are positive, since an IC produces an output of apositivevalue. As you can see on the image, there are 7 inputs for this component device. By analyzing thiscomponent, we can use a 4bit binary...

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