EL7513 led driver circuit design

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A very simple white led driver schematic circuit can be designed using the EL7513 constant current boost regulator specially designed for driving white LEDs. It can drive 4 LEDs in series or up to 12 LEDs in parallel or series configuration and achieves efficiency up to 91%. with frequency less than 200Hz (for C3 = 4700pF). When a higher frequency

EL7513 led driver circuit design
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

PWM is used, an RC filter is recommended before the CNTL pin. When the level falls below 0. 1V, the chip goes into shut-down mode and consumes less than 1 A of supply current for VIN less than 5. 5V. As you can see this circuit diagram led driver is designed for maximum efficiency, and drives 3 legs of 4 LEDs in a series configuration. The input voltage required for this led driver application circuit must be around 2. 7 and 4. 2 volt, typically 3. 3 volt.

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