Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The goal of this project was to create a multi-effect guitar processor. This device will be capable of changing the tonal qualities of the guitar. Through these changes in tone it is possible to give the guitar a very wide array of unique sounds. This project was chosen due to David`s interest in this field. The project is mainly designed for ente

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rtainment purposes. Which means that once it was built and functional, the device is very enjoyable to use. Guitar processors have been around since the dawn of the electric guitar. The capabilities of these devices have greatly advanced through the years. These advancements have led to processors today that can model the exact sounds of a specific amplifier. Through the use of this technology a guitar player could use a single processor and be able to create the same sounds that a room full of different amplifiers could create. There are also guitar synthesizers available that can make the electric guitar have the same tonal qualities of many other instruments. The possibilities in this field are endless, and with each new effect it gives the guitar a totally new identity. There are several systems in use today upon which the design could be based. However the goal of this project is not to base it upon previous designs. For this project the desired result is already known. The problem was to recreate these effects through the use of electronics. This project will include some original designs. Through the use of some of the concepts covered in the EET program the distortion stage and the tremolo effect were created. The project will also use several special IC`s that will perform the desired function. The key is to keep costs low and the quality high. Compressor and Input Level: This stage will provide audio compression...

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