Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The electromagnetic ring launcher is comprised of four subcircuits: a clock circuit (built around U5, a 555 oscillator/timer configured for astable operation), a count-down/display circuit (built around U3), a 74190 synchronous up/down counter with BCD outputs that is configured for countdown operation; U4, a ECG8368 BCD-to-7-segment latch/decoder

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/display driver; and DISP1, a commnon-cathode seven-segment display), a trigger circuit (comprised of U6), an MOC3010 optoisolator/coupler with Triac-driver output; TRI, an SK3665 200-PIV, 4-A Triac; and a few support components), and a reset circuit (comprised of U1, a 7400 quad 2-input NAND gate; U2, a second 555 os-cillator/timer configured for monostable operation; and a few support components). This circuit is that of a repulsion coil (L1) used to demonstrate the principle of electromagnetic repulsion by propelling a metal ring around the core of L1 through the air. A countdown circuit is provided to count seconds before launch.

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