EMEM2 and EMEM3D frequency device construction and operation

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The EMEM2 was invented by Dan Tracy. In a conversation with `Doug`, the inventor of the large coil device, he commented that the EMEM2 does kill Lyme disease and that it is a lot of machine for the money. It has also been demonstrated to be useful for many other conditions. This version uses 6 pots to give a frequency range of about 7Hz to 10KHz a

EMEM2 and EMEM3D frequency device construction and operation
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nd finer tuning in the important 2, 000Hz range. Bruce Stenulson`s ideas of having a set/run switch and having adjustable ballast resistors are incorporated. The adjustable ballast is handier than my old clip lead method! For simplicity of construction and economy I have put the resistors in series instead of using a separate one for each power setting. Instructions for a contact/radiant version and then modifications for a pure radiant EMEM3 version are given. Warning: Very high voltages are involved. If you are not familiar with the safety procedures required, please do not try any of this. Also, in view of the current lawsuit lunacy, it needs to be pointed out that this device has not been approved for use on humans. It probably should not be used near those with heart pacers or irregular heart rate. It is a research device only that you use at your own risk. The frame or box consists of 3 shelves which are pieces of 1X6 lumber. The top and bottom shelves are 2" longer than the tube, and the middle shelf is 1/2" longer than the tube, allowing 1/4" space on each end of the tube. These shelves are held together by 2 1X6 upright end pieces that are 10" long. So the whole thing looks like a small 3 shelf book case. The size of the power supply and the length of the tube determine the size of the box needed to house the unit. There is a 4-3/4" space between the top and middle shelves, and a 4-1/2" space between the middle and...

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