Echo Chamber

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The following circuit is the combination of echo chamber circuit that will make the sound repeated, just like an echo sound when you speak in cave. And the robot voice effect circuit that change the audio signal from input to become sound like a robot voice. To make the robot voice effect, there are some. Below is the circuit diagram and PCB layo

Echo Chamber
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ut of FM wireless microphone: The range of frequencies for the FM broadcast band is 90MHz (MHz = Megahertz or 90 million cycles per second). Because the FM microphone has a variable tuned circuit, it can be tuned to a quiet spot on your local FM broadcast band. This is a mini FM transmitter built and powered using 2 transistors, designed by Tony van Roon. This small transmitter is simple to build and its transmissions could be picked up on any common FM radio. It possesses a range of approximately 1/4-mile (400 meters) or even more, depending on the line-of-sight, obstructions by big. The following diagram is the circuit diagram of Voice Transmitter which use FM signal carrier to transmit the vioce signal to the FM receiver device. Components List: R1 = 4. 7K R2 = 330 ohm C1 = 0. 001uF (1nF) C2 = 10-40pF C3 = 4. 7pF Q1 = 2N3904 L1 = see text Misc = Electret mike, . This circuit should be perfect for dynamic microphone. Dynamic microphones are versatile and ideal for general-purpose use. They use a simple design with few moving parts. They are relatively sturdy and resilient to rough handling. They are also better suited to handling high volume levels, such as from certain musical instruments or amplifiers. They have. This is the circuit diagram of a voice operated relay. It similar with sound activation switch circuit which will turn on and turn off (connect and disconnect) the switch depending on the sound input. The...

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