Egg Timer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This egg timer, which is both simple and functional, shows once again that it is not essential to use a microcontroller for everything these days. The circuit consists of only two ICs from the standard 4000 logic family, a multi-position rotary switch and a few individual components. The combination of a 4040 oscillator/counter and a 4017 decimal

Egg Timer
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counter is certainly not new, but it is an ideal combination for timers that are required to generate long intervals that can be programmed in steps. The circuit can be directly powered from a 9-V battery, without using a voltage regulator. The signalling device is a 12-V buzzer, which generally works quite well even at a much lower voltage. We won`t explain the operation of the two ICs here; if you would like to know more about this, we recommend consulting the device data sheets. The RC configuration has been selected for the oscillator circuit of the 4060, since the frequencies of standard crystals and resonators would be too high (even 32. 768 Hz is much too high), making it impossible to achieve the desired times. With an RC oscillator, it`s also easier to modify the times to suit our purposes. For instance, if the oscillator frequency is reduced by a factor of two, we obtain a range of 1 to 16 minutes in steps of 1 minute. The range is split into two by taking advantage of the fact that the 4017 has an AND gate at its input (with an inverted input). The two ranges overlap by two steps. The oscillator has been dimensioned such that the 23 divider output (pin 14) has a period of 30 seconds, so IC2 receives a clock pulse every 30 seconds. This means that the oscillator frequency must be set to 8. 5333 Hz. The first output of IC2 is active after a reset, so it cannot be used. If S1 is in position I, pin 14 of IC2 is...

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