Electric strike with Arduino circuitry

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A fingerprint door lock, and the only thing that`s stopping me from purchasing the components is knowing if my setup is going to work or not. Is this an acceptable setup For the actual fingerprint reader, I was going to use this one, , which upon receiving the correct fingerprint, tell the Arduino to send power to the lock to unlock it for a certain amount of seconds.

Electric strike with Arduino circuitry
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The strike that I will be using is similar to the " Electric Door Strike for Schlage Locks, " and the power supply will be similar to the " Linear Corporation AAE00381 12-Volt DC 2000ma Power Supply. " Do these schematics make sense After discussing this with HikeOnPast below, I believe I copied his schematics correctly. I`m not sure what he meant by "12V Return" from the strike but I assumed it is the same as sending it back to the power. Would the above work with an electromagnet substituted for the strike (I`m assuming yes, I would just need to find parts that are compatible with the magnet)

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