Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The following data and mapping are for the 2-D shift mapping algorithm that the controller will use to determine when and if to shift. The solid lines on the graph represent up-shift boundaries, and the dashed lines represent down-shift boundaries. This data is very preliminary, and much testing is required once the control system is working on th

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e ATV. As such, these points must be movable in the code so as to allow the tweaking that is necessary during testing. Both a linear interpolation scheme and then later an equation will be used to represent these boundary lines in the control software. Linear interpolation will define the points more accurately, though will require more time in processing than a simple equation. Once the testing phase is done with linear interpolation, an equation will be best suited. One of the main reasons for selecting the electric cylinder over the pneumatic system was the total energy usage. The calculations make use of duty-cycle, the percentage of time that the particular item draws its power from the electrical system. Thus, an intermittent system draw can be thought of as a lower, steady current draw. The system supply of energy is the stator, which is specified in the Polaris manual to provide 200 W at 3000 rpm. This value will be used as a minimum and worst-case. The worst-case energy usage for the entire ATV, minus any shifting systems, is calculated at 108 W. The pneumatic system assumes that the air pump is constantly, allowing about 5 shifts per 20 seconds. This system requires a constant 120 W. The electric solenoid cylinder is only actuated once for 0. 2 seconds every second, thus guaranteeing a shift every second. This system requires 38 A, or similar to a constant 91 W. Because of the lower energy requirements and higher...

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