Electronic counter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Simple counting can be done by anyone but counting in interval up to large number is tedious and the chance of forget is maximum. As, we have already published Counter Circuit | Digital Counter. Now, here electronics counter is second project by dreamlover technology in the series of counting based project. Bothe the counting circuit published i

Electronic counter
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n this website counts up to 10, 000 with the help of four seven-segment displays. The difference is previous circuit utilize CMOS ICs where the electronics counter use TTL ICs. The input circuit consists of LDR following by negative square wave generator circuit build around Timer IC (NE555). A bulb is used here as light source focused on LDR. The property of LDR is that whenever the light focused on base of LDR is obstructed, it gives trigger and square wave is generated and given as input signal to counter circuit. So the objects to be counted are arranged in a row to move one by one in between the light source and the LDR. IC2 shows any number between 0-9 according to input square wave given to pin no 14. After each negative pulse a carrying pulse is produced by decoder IC and given to another one (i. e. from IC2 to IC3, IC3 to IC4, IC4 to IC5 ). IC5 ­ and IC6 is BCD to 7-segment latch decoder driver. The reset switch SW1 is used to reset the electronics counter to 0000 states.

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