Electronic jam circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The circuit provided right here allows up to eight participants with each one assigned a unique number (1 to 8). The display will show the number of the Electronic jam circuit diagram. contestant pushing his button prior to the others. Concurrently, a buzzer will also sound. Both of those, the display and also the buzzer need to be reset manually

Electronic jam circuit diagram
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working with a general reset switch. This is the design diagram of electronic jam. This jam circuit can be implemented in quiz contests in which any participator who pushes his switch (button) prior to the other participants, will get the first opportunity to answer a question. The circuit provided right here allows up to eight participants with each one assigned a. This easy electronic buzzer circuit built based on timer works for gaining the frequency. The IC timer NE 555 used as astable multivibrator operating at about 1kHz and produces a sound when switched on. The sound frequency can be adjusted by varying the 10K resistor. You may change the 10K resistor with variable resistor. The following circuit is six LED stereo VU display diagram which build using Dot/Bar Display Driver IC LM3915. This VU disply should be connected before amplifier module circuit. You may connect this circuit at pre-amp output, tone control input/output or equaliser input/output. About LM3915: The LM3915 is a monolithic integrated circuit that senses analog voltage. Here the water-level indicator which use a 7-segment display, to show the water level (low, half and full) in the tank. Moreover, a buzzer is utilized to warn you of water overflowing from the tank. The circuit shows the water level by displaying L, H and F for low, half and full, respectively. The circuit. This is the cell phone shield circuit which can be used as mobile charger....

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