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Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Embedded Systems is simply the brain of the most of the electronics based systems to access, process, store and control the data. Few simple electronics circuits can be intelligently hardware designed without a microprocessor or microcontroller but is not worth the economics except for simple passive operations. So it`s more or less must to put th

Electronics Engineering Herald - online magazine of electronics -home
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is so called silicon brain, which we engineers call as microcontroller in all electronics systems. Embedded market is experiencing best of it`s times and double-digit market growth will continue for some more years. It will continue to grow as long as semiconductor ICs are used for data processing. This may be vague but to be precise, your career growth is assured for another five years. This is only a prediction/extrapolation based on the current trends in the industry. Who knows what may come in future, however next two years, it`s going to be very hot and growing field. That too for India, where engineers have extra edge over other regions when it comes to programming will surely lead in the growth. Though programming is a major task in embedded systems. Programming knowledge alone won`t help much in getting into this world. The real challenge is in understanding the electronics hardware and also other interface hardware (Automobile engine, heart patient`s ECG, to a motor in a satellite). Here in this free online course on embedded hardware and software, our objective is to train in embedded systems design to pass entry-level stage and prepare to deep dive into complex embedded systems world, if you find it easy and interesting. We recommend the readers/attendees for this course should be a holder of Bachelor of Engineering/Technology or Bachelor of Sciences in Electronics or it`s closely allied branches. Otherwise if...

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