Electronics Thermometer with description

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Clinical thermometer is only used by doctor because it is difficult to read. Here is a circuit of electronics thermometer used to measure vast range of temperature from -200C to 1250C. This single circuit electronics thermometer can be used to measure differenttemperature. The wide range of temperature measurement made this circuit versatile. This

Electronics Thermometer with description
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

entire circuit Electronics thermometer  is built and fabricated around silicon diode D1 (1N4148) and Operational amplifier IC. Diode D1 is used as temperature sensor, temperature determined the value of voltmeter drop across diode i. e. at room temperature voltage drop is 0. 7V and is reduce by about 2mV/0C. For temperature-to-voltage conversion in electronics thermometer an operational amplifier is used. The input voltage at non-inverting pin 3 of IC1 is fixed by VR1, R1, & R2 where sensor diode D1 forms a feedback path. The output of IC1 is directly depends on the voltage across the diode.

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