External Battery Discharger

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The UBA is limited to discharging up to 2. 5A per channel. This discharge rate is adequate for testing 99% of the batteries on the market. It is not sufficient to properly test batteries that are rapidly discharged in normal use (for example, some medical applications, UPS batteries and remote control aircraft and cars). For these batteries you sho

External Battery Discharger
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uld discharge them at a similar rate to the rate they get in normal use. In other situations you might be fortunate to already have a constant current load that you would prefer to use. For instance, if you have a 10A logic controlled constant current load you could use your UBA to control it. This application note describes how to build and control an external discharger. This circuit contains two remotely controlled loads. The top part of the schematic is a regular off-the-shelf voltage regulator configured as a constant current load with on/off control. The bottom of the schematic is a MOSFET used to control a power resistor. Inside your UBA, there is a 10 pin accessory header. On it are two programmable digital input/output lines which for controlling a remote load are configured as outputs. Pin 3 is digital output #0, pin 6 is digital output #1, pin 1 is digital ground, and pins 8 and 10 are analog ground. The accessory header is accessible by either removing the top cover of your UBA or by using an extension connector on the back of your UBA (preferred). Caution The digital lines on the accessory port go directly to the digital output IC on the UBA. There is no extra static protection. You must take full static protection precautions when handling the connections and when designing the circuit. Your warranty does not cover any damage caused by static or mistakes in connecting to the accessory connector. After power up...

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