FM Radio jammer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Circuit shown here can be used to jam FM radios in its vicinity. The circuit is nothing but a classic single transistor oscillator operating in the VHF region. Working principle of the circuit is very simple and straight forward. Powerful VHF oscillations from the circuit will interfere with the FM signals to nullify it. Jammer circuits like this

FM Radio jammer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

are illegal in many countries and you must assemble this circuit on your own responsibility. This circuit is intended only for fun and i request you not to misuse it. I built it and it works like a charm! To increase power I have to change the 2N2222 with a 2N2219 and replace the power source with a 12V one And regarding the power, in a few words, how can I calculate the emitted power I`d like to ask something about the capacitors. C4 is an electrolytic (polarized) capacitor and it must be installed the proper way, but what about C3 and C2 Can they be ceramic (without any concern for polarization) Also, I couldn`t find a 6pF for C2. Is 6. 8pF OK ok, I built this on breadboard and it works. I just used a coil a made about a month ago for another schema 16AWG 100 turns on 20 mm diameter plastic tube. How you do the coil doesn`t seem to matter much because you set the frequency from the capacitor. Hi, if I calculate the values for L and C in order for this circuit to jam frequencies in SHF (GHz) will it do it or do I have to change some other component Can the transistor sustain a frequency of say 3GHz Seetharaman, this jammer circuit will work, but will face one problem, the human body capacitance will damped the oscillation in the tank circuit and it can affect the frequency stability. How do i connect crystal to stabilise the frequency. Please help me if you connect a crystal to the circuit then what ever the crystals...

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