FM Receiver Circuit

Sometimes I can find a station and sometimes I can`t find any stations. Probably the main problem when tuning is, as soon as you move your hands or body, let go of the tuning cap or touch the 10k pot, whatever station you had on will either disappear or sometimes become clearer, which means you have to stand in some contorted position to remain on the station,

I know this also happens with radios you can buy so any ideas what i`m doing wrong, or any tips on tuning this thing a bit more reliably I would post this in the forum but it doesn`t look too active at the moment. Dear P. Marian, I am astonished and shocked . you have posted a circuit here, which you must have picked up from some magazine or website, without even assembling and trying it out, and then you have the audacity to comment Yes, it won`t work, you are so smart! How did you figure it out that this fm receiver circuit won`t function properly  to bauxit! May I ask you how did YOU figure it out that the circuit will work, even without trying it out The circuit may or may not work, but that is not the question here it is a matter of ethics. If you post a circuit which you have not actually assembled and tried out, then you should mention this fact right in the beginning of the post. That absolves you of all responsibilities regarding the functioning of the circuit. Many people have written here saying that they have constructed the circuit and it does`t work, instead of answering their queries you make funny remarks on others! I am sorry if I sound a bit harsh, I have no malice against you, but I would really appreciate if you post articles after actually trying them yourself. Thanks and all the best.

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