FM Wireless HI-FI circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Circuit To relieve you of any concern related to high frequency, I used a module ready, in case a module Aurel audio FM transmitter. This tiny circuit board with 2 cm by 4 cm supports a transmitter modulation frequency track, delivering an RF power of 10 mW which is quite sufficient for the desired use. As it is driven by a resonator surface wa As

FM Wireless HI-FI circuit
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you can see the review of the scheme, the module can stand alone even for some HF itself since it lacks power and a network of pre-emphasis R7, R8, C6, designed to improve quality transmission of higher frequencies. The input level required by the circuit to achieve a sufficient modulation rate of 100 mV rms, a preamplifier is necessary for our microphone. It is the role of IC1, mounted on a very classic inverting amplifier with adjustable gain through P1. The provided microphone is a model electret with its supply circuit formed by R1, R2 and C1, but you might as well use a conventional dynamic mic, or an external electret microphone with its integrated power supply in which case R1, R2 and C1 disappear. As to the transmitter, I used a module Aurel, which is an FM audio receiver. It also appears as a tiny circuit board containing all the components of the receiver, equipped with a squelch circuit or quiet as I put to good use. As illustrated, the audio output takes place on the leg 10 of the module and should be dG©saccentuG©e through capacitor C4 to offset the effect of pre-emphasis circuit used in the show. The AF level issued by the module may be insufficient for some high fidelity amplifiers or mixers certain: it is only 100 mV in the best cases I amplifies a bit through rose IC1 very classic. This preamplifier is fed continuously as the module Aurel but instead receives its power through the leg 18 of the latter....

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