FSP107-2PS01 two-in-one power panel circuit analysis

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Main matched LG26 one inch of screens of FSP107-2PS01 two-in-one electrical power package, direct drive CCFL modulator tube, its material object is shown as in Fig. 1. If cooperate with other producers For instance Samsung, AU, etc. Screen at, it is only at screen use with balance plately, otherwise not can`t use. The voltage of two set of this power supply: First, 12V

FSP107-2PS01 two-in-one power panel circuit analysis
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voltage, integrated circuit to accompanying sound, at if you can`t reject by feed circuit, etc. , supply power, and voltage doubling later for in put it is integrated R. F. head electrical supply; Second, 5VSTB 1A Voltage, await the opportune moment for the mother board some and dwarf signal treated section supply power. Antijamming circuit is made up together by Fl01, RV101, TH101, C102-C105, Rl01-R103, L102, L103, its function is to strengthen the electromagnetic compatibility of television. This circuit is bilateral, it can inhibit high frequency interference from entering the TV on one hand, guarantee the normal operation of the television, on the other hand the high frequency interference produced in its repressible switching power supply enters electric wire netting, interfere with other electric equipment. L101, L102 are choke coils of common mode, wind in an absolute coil of the same magnetic ring seven, number of rounds the same, wind to opposite, magnetic flux that produce offset each other in magnetic ring, the magnetic core will not be saturated, mainly inhibit the common-mode interference, it is the better to the glitch depressing effect that the inductance is the greater. Electric capacity C102, C103 mainly inhibits the interference between live wire and zero line, it is the better to the glitch depressing effect that capacitance value is the greater. Power factor correction PFC The circuit adopts the new...

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