FT0 frequency synthesizer circuit

I m planning to construct a frequency synthesizer circuit and i found this circuit diagram..but i m unable to figure out a component..can any1 explain 2me what is the part with the VDD from pin 9,Vss from pin 8 and pin 12 connected to the phase comparator 2

It is a simple 'D' type data latch with SET and RESET. If you search through enough CMOS data sheets you can probably identify which one. that is a D flip flop with set and reset pin D=vdd it is an input bit R=reset S=set Q=state 1 Q'=state2 Q and Q' are outputs it inverted output to each other if Q=1 then Q' is zero and vice-versa in TTL it may be a 74LS74 in CMOS it may be a CD4013

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