Fiat Coupe Engine Management

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The Coupe to USB adaptor - AKA `microwidget` is an inline adaptor to allow a laptop user running Windows 2k or Windows XP (it is as yet untested with Vista but should work) to interrogate the ECU on the Fiat Coupe. With suitable software, the ECU can be interrogated to obtain running data (intake pressure, temperatures, throttle position etc), any

Fiat Coupe Engine Management
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current or stored error information, or commanded to perform hardware tests or to clear fault codes. The microwidget should act as a generic K-L line to USB line converter: the USB serial chip appears to be able to handle any Windows baud rate above 300 baud where the outgoing line is the L line and the incoming K line. A link is provided so that systems where everything happens on the K line (e. g. the Fiat Coupe 20v/vt) can be communicated with. I am no longer making the microwidget. It`s too much hassle, and similar devices are available on eBay and similar places designed for OBDII scanners. I now recommend a common adaptor usually advertised as working with VagCom - look for `audi/vw/seat/skoda` compatibility and `409. 1 kkl` - this refers to the version of VagCom that works with it. It`s necessary to make the proper connection to the Fiat/Lancia/Alfa connector - you`ll need to pick up the K, L, ground, and power lines. Most of these come with a `free gift` that brings out those connections. Or drop me a line and I can make one up for you. This device has a permanent connection such that any write to the K line is immediately echoed to the L input line - so the software has had to change slightly to accommodate this. With this device, you should use this version of Star Trek. It`s should unzip to startrek 409. 1 kkl. exe and requires no further installation save the FTDI installation below. Please note that this...

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