Flame Sensor

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A flame sensor (UV TRON) made by HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS, Japan, is an ultraviolet light detector. It has a narrow spectral sensitivity of 185 nm to 260 nm, being completely insensitive to visible and infrared light. Unlike semiconductor detectors, it does not require optical visible-cut filters, thus making it easy to use. In spite of its small size,

Flame Sensor
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it has wide angular sensitivity and can reliably and quickly detect weak ultraviolet radiations emitted from flame (eq. it can detect the flame of a cigaret lighter at a distance of 5 meters). The sensor is well suited for use in flame detectors and fire alarms. Compare with the other fire alarm, such as smoke detector, I found that this flame detector sensor can not distinguish how big the fire it is. So I think it more suitable to put in the place which can not even allow a small flame, for example, paper manufacturing factory. Here are some more common applications for the sensor may include, Flame detectors for gas/oil lighters and matches Fire alarms Combustion monitors for burners Inspection of ultraviolet leakage Detection of discharge Ultraviolet switching Such as the pictorial example from HAMAMATSU: Another exemplar use of the sensor is a competition robot in Trinity Firefighting Robot Contest from Ohio Northern University. The robot is to navigate through a model floor plan of four rooms where a candle representing a flame source is randomly placed, locate the candle, extinguish it, and return safely to its starting location. The sensor`s theory of detection is actually fairly simple. When ultraviolet rays such as those from an open flame hits the cathode leg of the sensor, electricity or more specifically, photoelectrons, is generated. When the electrons flow toward the anode leg of the sensor combining the...

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