Flame gas and smoke detector

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Flame, gas and smoke detector for fire alarm. You can combine this circuit with alarm circuit. The output will be the relay which switch on and switch off the alarm. The above scheme diagram is the diagram of flame detector. The circuit diagram for gas detector and smoke detector separated in different circuit design diagram which can be download

Flame gas and smoke detector
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ed from the provided link. All of schematic diagrams (flame detector, gas detector and smoke detector) are quite simple and easy to built. It uses 12V power supply to work, you may use batteries or accumulator or DC power supply for powering the circuit. Tags: Alarm, circuit diagram of smoke detector, fire, Flame, flame detector circuit, gas, gas detector circuit, gas sensor circuit diagram, smoke detector, smoke detector circuit diagram, This is the diagram of heat detector circuit which already integrated with siren circuit in the output. This circuit applies a complementary pair comprising NPN metallic transistor T1 (BC109) and PNP germanium transistor T2 (AC188) to detect heat (because of outbreak of fire, for example) in the area and activate a siren/alarm. The collector of. The following circuit diagrams are tone detector circuit diagrams which also known as sound activated switch circuit. Actually, these circuits use microntroller for switching because the circuits were designed for robot start up activation. But you can build switching module using relay. Tone Detector diagram 1 Tone Detector diagram 2 Tone Detector diagram 3 Tone. This circuit is used to detect whether your phone line is active or not. Components List: R1, R2, R3 = 22M Ohms R4 = 2. 2M Ohms C1 = 0. 47uF/250V Mylar caps D1 = 1N914, NTE519, or other small signal diode Q1 = 2N3904, NTE123AP Q2 = 2N3906, NTE159 Q3 = IRF510, NTE2382, MosFet This kind of...

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