Float Switch Water Level Measurement

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A Float Switch is a device which is typically used to measure the depth/level of liquid in a container. As the water rises and reaches the level of the float switch, it begins to float going from the vertical to the horizontal. This closes an internal switch which can then be used to turn on/off a pump, alarm, relay. Pictured above is a submersi

Float Switch Water Level Measurement
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ble water pump with an integrated float switch (the red part). If a pump is run dry, it will quickly burn out - therefore, all good quality pumps are sold with a built-in float switch to automatically switch off pumping when there is no more water to pump. A float switch can be as simple as a mercury tilt switch fitted into watertight floatable case. Since mercury is very toxic, a far more common alternative is to use a reed switch which is triggered by a small float-mounted magnet. Pictured above is a typical automotive-grade float switch (available from the REUK Shop ). This unit is supplied with a baffle which greatly reduces rapid multiswitching* caused by surface turbulence without the need for complicated electronics. This particular float switch can manage a switching current of up to 1. 5 Amps - plenty to trigger a relay or a light/alarm. Typically float switch switching currents range from 0. 5 to 2 Amps. Click here to search eBay for Float Switch - there is usually a good selection available mostly marketed for use with bilge pumps, but which can be used in many other applications. Float switches can be set up to sense either rising or falling water levels - rising water to measure when a container is full or water has reached a certain maximum level, falling water to measure when a container is empty or has reached a certain minimum level. Therefore, float switches have many uses - particularly in renewable...

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