Fog Lamp Sensor Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A rear fog lamp has been mandatory for trailers and caravans in order to improve visibility under foggy conditions. When this fog lamp is switched on, the fog lamp of the pulling vehicle must be switched off to avoid irritating reflections. For this purpose, a mechanical switch is now built into the 13-way female connector i

Fog Lamp Sensor Circuit
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n order to switch of the fog lamp of the pulling vehicle and switch on the fog lamp of the trailer or caravan. For anyone who uses a 7-way connector, this switching can also be implemented electronically with the aid of the circuit illustrated here. Here a type P521 optocoupler detects whether the fog lamp of the caravan or trailer is connected. If the fog lamp is switched on in the car, a current flows through the caravan fog lamp via diodes D1 and D2. This causes the LED in the optocoupler to light up, with the result that the photo-transistor conducts and energies the relay via transistor T1. The relay switches of the fog lamp of the car. For anyone who`s not all thumbs, this small circuit can easily be built on a small piece of perforated circuit board and then fitted somewhere close to the rear lamp fitting of the pulling vehicle.

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