Four channels infrared remote controller circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The receiving circuit: the infrared signal is inputed to MC3373 from 7 foot by phototube, the amplified signal outputs from 1 foot, it is transported into the 12 foot of decoder 8802. When the transmitter F is pressed, the voltage of 8802`s 11 foot up to 2. 5V, V1 turns on, K1 pulls in, M is forward rotation. When it receives B signal, 11 foot`s vo

Four channels infrared remote controller circuit diagram
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ltage drops, 18 foot`s voltage up to 5V, K1 releases, K2 pulls in, the motor is reversal rotation. Pressing W, 9 foot`s voltage rises, V4, V5 turn on, it can drive the DC motors which under 100mA, pressing W again, 9 foot resets. When the receiver receives the transmitter`s S signal, 8802 resets, 8, 9 feet are all 0V.

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