Full Bridge Inverter with MOSFET

DigiSpeaker is an internet connected 100W stereo amplifier embedded in a pair of speakers. DigiSpeaker can be connected to the internet wirelessly or via cable. DigiSpeaker can be installed in the walls of a home or sit in the open in a room. It only requires regular house power from an outlet or power line. If the house is network wired, then Dig

iSpeaker can plug into that network to get music. If the house is equipped with a wireless network, then DigiSpeaker can obtain music wirelessly. If a network is not available, then each DigiSpeaker is capable of direct input or output of both analog and digital music. And if that was not enough, each DigiSpeaker is capable of being the source of all music for all the other DigiSpeakers installed in a home. Read More. So, we decided to try and make a reusable wireless module for all the DigiSpeaker products. The idea is to FCC certify this single module and then reuse that certification in all our products. The module is based on the MC13224 from Freescale. There isn`t much to it. I tried to bring out a wide selection of the pins so it would be useful in a number of places. The module is a little large (1" x 1. 4") but it does fit into a Dimmer design. It has two antenna configurations. The first one is a standard Inv-F PCB antenna. The second is simply a hole where a wire-whip can be soldered. Notice that the whip can be soldered on the top or the bottom of the module. The idea was that we might solder a whip to the bottom of the module and run it up through the front board of the dimmer and have it bend into the plastic faceplate of the dimmer. The board is castellated. It turns out, that any board shop can do 40mil holes on 100mil centers when castellating. However, this design calls for 20-35mmil holes on 60mil centers....

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