GBPPR 1 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A RF spectrum analyzer is one of the most useful tools an experimenter can have. The spectrum analyzer project shown here will be a slight improvement on the ` Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur ` ( Part 2 ) project from Wes Hayward (W7ZOI) and Terry White (K7TAU) which was covered in the August and September issues of QST magazine. There will

GBPPR 1 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer
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also be a few ideas taken from the Scotty`s Spectrum Analyzer project by Scotty Sprowls, most notably, his really nice first IF (1013. 3 MHz) bandpass cavity filter. You must read and study carefully the " Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur " article before embarking on this project, as it covers some of the more in-depth concepts and construction notes which will not be covered here. Wes Hayward also has several " Spectrum Analyzer Update " PDF files on his website which should also be studied as they include a number of tweaks and improvments to his design. These update files also include the necessary final IF/logarithmic amplifier calibration information. Most of the components used in this RF spectrum analyzer project were obtained from ham radio swapfests or salvaged from old two-way radios, cellular phones, or cable TV distribution gear. Some components may be hard to track down, but equivalent parts can be substituted with minor tweaking of the circuits. No PCB patterns will be provided as all the PC board layouts were done by hand using Sharpie markers and a straight edge. You`ll want to keep the PC board traces as short as possible and utilize a large ground plane and isolate the RF inputs and outputs. The PC boards were all made from double-sided (1 oz. ) 1/32-inch FR4 material. The key to building a high-performance RF spectrum analyzer is isolation and shielding. Construct the spectrum analyzer as a series...

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