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The base part number is ISM420R1-C33. The ROM Code part number can be read from the GPS in OSP ( Sirf Binary) mode onlyG‚and the version isG‚:G‚ G ‚¬ GS4e -4. 1. 2-P1G ‚¬ ½. The GPS will initially come up in OSP at 115200 baud, unless you change it with the strapping pins 4 and pin 5 or have a SPI or EEPROM attached and then unit will start in

NMEA 4800. The newest GPS technology we have today is the SiRF IV GPS modules and we offer two products, the ISM420 and the ISM480. The ISM420 is a ROM based solution with no antenna attached, while the ISM480 is a Flash based solution with antenna attached. G‚ Ideally, one of these two GPS will fit your need. If you are looking for custom firmware for a specific application we may suggest the Sirf III based modulesG‚G‚for exampleG‚high altitiude ballons for example, you will use the ISM300F2-C5. 1-VOO4 which is designed specifically for high altitude. Also, if you are looking for a GPS that is easy to solder down and has the ability to snap on various external antenna`s I would choice the Sirf III based ISM300F2-C4. 1 that has a connector on top of the module or you can run on your board via a 50 ohm trace. The first output starts when we the GPSG‚Kalman filter gets a stelliteG‚fix. G‚Thereafter, the 1 PPS continues toG‚ be output until the receiver is reset. G‚If we drop to less than 3G‚G‚SVs, the Kalman stops using satellites and goes to DR mode. G‚At thatG‚G‚point, the 1 PPS is no longer steered but free-runs with the 49. 107 MHz G‚G‚G‚G‚ clock (triple the 16. 369 MHz GPS clock). G‚If the Kalman filter again starts using SVs, it will again steer the 1 PPS. Ideally, if you can connect your PC to the UART for any of theG‚ ISM300x or ISM400x GPS modules you can run the Sirf Live. G‚ Sirf Live will show you all the...

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