GS1674 Adaptive Cable Equalizer

The GS1674 is a high-speed BiCMOS integrated circuit designed to equalize and restore signals received over 75ohm coaxial cable. The device is optimized for performance at 270Mb/s and 1. 485Gb/s, and features DC restoration to compensate for the DC content of SMPTE pathological test patterns. The Carrier Detect output pin (CD) indicates whether a v

alid input signal has been detected. It can be connected directly to the MUTE pin to mute the output on loss of carrier. The sensitivity of the carrier detect can be easily programmed to allow the GS1674 to distinguish between low-amplitude SDI signals and noise at the input of the device. The equalizing and DC restore stages are disengaged when the BYPASS pin is HIGH. No equalization occurs in Bypass mode.

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