GS500 Horn

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

A relay is essentially an electrically operated switch it has a coil that uses magnetism to close the contacts on the switch. In automotive terms 12V running through the coil will allow 12V to run through the switch contacts. So why is a relay useful You can use a low-power source to energise the coil to switch power to a high-power device (lik

GS500 Horn
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e a horn!) The circuit diagram below shows the installation of a relay into the existing horn setup. All the existing circuit is shown in black, and the new addition is shown in blue. You want to disconnect your existing horn and connect its wires to the coil of the relay. This means that when you press the horn button it will provide power to the coil. You want to connect one of the switch connections of the relay to the positive side of your battery - with its own wire and fuse (you are essentially creating a new fused circuit for your bike). The other relay switch connection wants to be connected to your new horn(s). The remaining connection on your horn needs to be run back to the negative terminal on your battery to complete the circuit. Some relays come with an in-built fuse holder (which saves work, left), but a separate fuse holder would also be fine. You can also get pre-wired bases (right), or you could use spade lugs. The Stebel Magnum is an electromagnetic horn that puts out 136dB (at 4 inches, 112 @ 2m) from 6A of current. It is available in 500 and 410Hz. It can be easily mounted underneath the bottom triple on F-models, or inside the side fairing. Due to its size it is not particularly suited to E-models without looking like a glaring addition. (shown above next to a stock-sized horn) You can achieve the same volume as the Magnum by using 2 HF80 discs. They come as a dischordant pair, emitting 340 and 430Hz...

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