Gas Meter circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Meteoplug is a client-server. The client application needs minimal storage and computing power, which allows for embedding into `computers` of minimal size and with minimal power demands down to1 watt(depending on efficiency of power supply itcan be 1-2 watts more on mains). These clients upload weather data to a server on the internet which stores it and provides

Gas Meter circuit
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a broad range of computations and services. The server application is based on a professional database and can handle hundreds of clients simultaneously. Each user has access to his private weather data and the server application acts like being a dedicated device. The server is a full-fledged computer which consumes quite some power, but by being shared by hundreds of users this just adds another 1 watt on total power consumption per user. On each complete revolution of the 1000th dial a magnetic pulse is emitted from the gas meter. The A3214 hall effect sensor is triggered and the output drops to zero volts. The change is detected at the input of the ICM555 timer IC via the capacitor C2. C2 prevents the input of the 555 timer IC from being held low if the gas meter dial stops at zero. The ICM555 timer is configured as a monostable with time set by R6, VR1 and C1. When triggered by the hall effect sensor the output is held long enough for the Current Cost board to send its output to the CC128 display (around 6 seconds). VR2 can be adjusted to display the power level required on the CC128 display. My gas meter 1000th ring turns in around 18 seconds with my boiler on full power so there is plenty of time for the Current cost board to be triggered and released before the next pulse from the 1000th ring. At present I run the circuit from a couple of AA batteries to get the 3v required and use a low power version of a 555...

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