Geiger Counter Schematic Help

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

With the recent events at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, I thought it would be pretty cool to build a Geiger Counter and hook it up to my NerdKit for interfacing with my computer. I`ve found this article which explains the building process pretty well, and also includes a schematic: Unfortunately, the section that describes the circui

Geiger Counter Schematic Help
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

t really doesn`t explain how the circuit works. This may be a huge request, but could somebody do a writeup on this circuit that explains what each component does to get the end result I`ve been looking over the circuit but my inexperience with such schematics isn`t helping at all. I am not an electrical guru, but from what i can read most of the schematic makes sense, althought the power part is really messy. I have broken out a few of the sections below with what I believe they do. Any of the pros around here should feel free to jump in and point out where i am going wrong. hopefully it helps, but if you want more detail I will try. -Lower Left Corner : "D9", a 9v battery, some caps and a 7805 - This looks like a way to convert the 25VDC to 5VDC with decent current capacity and have a battery backup. The 7805 portion is very similar to how it is used on the NK. I think the Vcc leaving this section is being used to feed the "Vcc" sections elsewhere in the diagram, but I migh be wrong. - Left Central: U1a-d, "D1", caps, resistors, Q1, T1 left side - This is a square wave pulse generator to feed the transformer T1. I have seen other diagrams where a hex inverter IC (U1 pins a-d) is used with an ResistorCapacitor setup to create a square wave output train. (think of this section as heavy duty 555, that doesn`t use a 555 per say) - Right Upper Central: T1 right side, D2-6, caps - This section on the right side of T1, is the...

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