Gene Cafe Dimmer Control Mod

Enable the Gene to progressively lower the power applied to the heating element, so that rather than switching it on and off, it simply got less hot, minimising the temperature gradient within the drum and the overall maximum temperatures the beans are subjected to near the inlet end of the roasting chamber. Warning: a reasonable level of competen

ce is required and no guarantee is given that these guidelines are error free, you undertake all work at your own risk, we take no responsibility for anything that happens Assuming you have most of the bits and bobs such as connectors and duck tape, the cost of the project will be around £23 or less. The Varilight dimmer ( ) has been specially selected as its high quality of construction allows for easy and simple modification, with the minimum of work and risk to the component (I am not sure how well other manufacturers dimmers will work). 3 Add some extra heat sink capability. First pull off the knob and undo the nut as shown by the arrows. This will allow you to remove the dimmer module and it`s heat sink. You want to end up with something that looks like the diagram below. The piece of Aluminium simply has a hole drilled out (elongated hole is better) and is bent as shown below. The hole is large enough for the threaded part of the dimmer module (the part the but screwed on to earlier) to be passed through it and the replaced and re-tightened. As long as your piece of Aluminium is flat and not too thick. The existing heat sink of the dimmer is in full contact with it and when the module is replaced sufficient pressure is applied to form an excellent thermal contact area. You will actually be able to use a heat sink much smaller than mine e. g. omit the folding back on itself . me I just like IKB type design. Your dimmer...

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