General Hobbyist Circuits

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This circuit describes a simple, 6-bit random number pseudo-generator used to study binary counters and in particular, shift registers. Some very basic background information about binary counters and shift registers is provided. In reality there are dozens of different shift register topologies available and it can get quite complex. If you wish

General Hobbyist Circuits
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to find a good logic tutorial website, I strongly recommend Ken Bigelow`s site as it has interactive diagrams. Flip-flops are also covered well on wikipedia and many other web sites. Binary Counter: The circuit most often used as a counter is called a binary flip-flop. The basic flip-flop can be viewed as a toggle switch having either an ON or OFF position. This is the binary state 1 (HIGH) or 0 (LOW). Like the toggle switch, the binary flip-flop has 2 binary states 1 or 0. A binary flip flop counter counts in a sequence such as 0, 1, 0, 1 etc. A straight binary counter can be built by using 1 or more flip-flops connected in a manner that the binary number stored in these flip-flops will represent the total number of trigger pulses received at the counter input. Ring Counter: A ring counter has 2 or more flip-flops cascaded so that the output from one flip-flop becomes the input of the next flip-flop. The flip-flops are connected so that all of their outputs are at the binary state 0 except for one flip-flop. By pulsing the input of the ring counter, it will sequentially change the binary state of the succeeding flip-flop from binary 0 to binary 1. The flip-flop that contains the binary 1 indicates the count of this binary counter. The maximum number of pulses that can be counted by N flip-flops is N pulses. Shift Register: A serial entry shift register is similar to a ring counter, except that the output flip-flop is not...

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