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Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The 1-meg resistor helps protect the FET from being harmed by any accidental sparks to its Gate lead. The circuit will work fine without this resistor. Just don`t intentionally `zap` the Gate wire with a charged object or your charged finger. To test the circuit, charge up a pen or a comb on your hair, then wave it close to the little `antenna` wi

Group items tagged circuit Robotics
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re. The LED should go dark. When you remove the electrified pen or comb, the LED should light up again. If you suspect that humidity is very high, test this by rubbing a balloon or a plastic object upon your arm. If the balloon does not attract your arm hairs, humidity is too high. When bumbing into something it can also reverse for several seconds. The time of going reverse can be changed. I`ve used 2M2 and 3, 3 uF, this will give a reverse time of about 5 seconds When you "power on" Bully it will first go backwards for some time. After a few seconds it seems that it doesn`t know what to do, it looks like it`s shivering. Then it starts of going to the brightest lightspot it can see, first slowly and then like "in a hurry". In the time doing all this stuff, each bump into a obstacle makes it move backwards for a few seconds. The time doing this can be changed with the 10 uF elco. Smaller means less seconds and bigger means reversing for more seconds. As long as the light reaching the photo-bridge of the Master SC-H is balanced, then the Slave SC-H acts as a regular, lone SC-H would. So, if one of the slave photo-diodes detects more light then the other, the inverter that controls the motor on that side changes states and is now the same as the inverter of the Master SC-H tied to the same motor. This turns that motor off and the robot will pivot around the stopped wheel toward the greater light source until the light on each...

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