Guildford hw

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The current testbed deployment provides some degree of device heterogeneity by integrating two different type of IoT experimentation nodes. The deployment is mainly based on a largely utilized TelosB experimentation platform (170 nodes) and to a smaller extend of XM1000 devices from Advanticsys (80 nodes). In the following we will mainly focus on

Guildford hw
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the Telos B based IoT experimentation nodes, as they are based on a custom made sensing units. The XM100 are used out of the box and are equiped with the default sensor boards (temperature, light and humidity). More details on the XM1000 can be found here: Advanticsys XM1000. The sensor node platform is an off-the-shelve TelosB mote manufactured by XBow Telos B Datasheet. The platform is one of the most popular one in the WSN community and wide support for TinyOS and Contiki operating systems are available. The TelosB provides the following main features: Similar characteristics and the support for TinyOS are available on the XM1000 with the addition of a larger program space (116KB with respect to the 48KB provided by TelosB) that makes this platform more suitable for experimentation with Over-the-Air reprogramming solutions. The energy meter is an off-the-shelve energy meter from Plogg international. It is interfaced to the sensor node platform via a small interfacing board. The energy meter can be read with a maximum frequency of once every two seconds. The energy meter allows the meassurement of the following characterstics from appliances connected to it: The multimodal sening unit is based on a custom designed board. It is able to detect the following modes: ambient light and noise levels, ambient motion, temperature and vibration. The circuit of the board design and the PCB layout are presented in the figures below....

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