Guitars Modulator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Even with the controls in the highest position there will always be some signal leakage, and hence loss of tone. With Module 3, putting the bypass switch to `Solo` cuts the tone and volume controls from the circuits and effectively wires the pickups directly to the output jack. This is especially noticeable with the neck pickup as it gains a huge amount of `depth` when

Guitars Modulator
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switched in. Plays out through the standard Modulator jack socket, which is stereo on every one built, but is often replaced with a mono one when the socket breaks down as most owners don`t have the stereo or quad modules. This module is nearly identical to Module 3 (in fact only a single wire is different!). The stereo output is produced by splitting the pickup output from the neck and bridge pickups to the left and right channels of the jack socket. Switch Heaven! This is an amazing piece of circuitry which has taken many hours and a lot of scrap paper to work out! It`s only by working out the circuit diagrams, that I`ve been able to find out what each switch does - all three switches are labelled simply "1, 2, 3"!

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