H-Bridge (A2060H) Manual

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The A2060H is an H-Bridge extension for the Programmable Logic Head ( A2060 ). With the help of an external power supply to provide the motor current, the A2060H provides variable-speed, bi-directional drive to DC motors. The motors can operate at anywhere from 6 V to 24 V, with current surges up to 4 A. A single LWDAQ command word sets the direct

H-Bridge (A2060H) Manual
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ion and speed of the motor for two seconds. In order to run the motor for longer than two seconds, we re-transmit the command before the motor stops. Two switches allow us to over-ride the LWDAQ command so as to drive the motor at full speed in either direction. The A2060C uses the LC4256V-10T100I programmable logic chip from Lattice Semiconductor. The circuit diagram for the H-Bridge extension to the A2060 circuit is A2060H_3. You will find the latest version of the P2060H logic code here. For an example of an application of the A2060H, see the Long Guide Tube. The A2060H is a LWDAQ device. It obtains power for its internal logic from the LWDAQ, but motor power must be delivered by a separate positive power supply, which we connect to the VCC (J11) and 0V (J12) terminal. The motor plugs into the M+ (J13) and M ’ (J14) terminals. The sixteen LEDs along the top of the board show the command bits. Table 1: Command Bit Allocation of the A2060H. An "X" means the command bit serves no function. The SPD6. SPD0 bits set the rotation speed. The DIR bit sets the direction. In Versions 1-7 of the firmware, the speed and direction bits occupied DC1-DC8. We moved them in Version 8 so that they would not interfere with the WAKE and LB bits. You can transmit a command to the A2060H using the Transmit button of the Diagnostic Instrument. Enter the command in hexadecimal format in the transmit entry box, make the A2060H the target of the...

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